Do you have a property or an apartment in Turin?

ErasRoom is able to free you from the maintenance and management of your property, guaranteeing you a higher income than the usual rental.


Earning from your apartment has never been easier

ErasRoom is a safe solution and it will be your only tenant.
We also take care of your property: apartment’s reorganization, maintenance and management for the entire duration of the lease. Just one thought to you: collect the rent!

Rent us your property or apartment and we will guarantee you

Coverage of all costs

ErasRoom takes care of the costs for the enhancement and management of your apartment.

Lease guaranteed for at least 8 years (4 + 4 renewable)

ErasRoom signs a long-term lease agreement with you, thus guaranteeing you a constant and lasting income.

Rent aligned with the best market opportunities

Making your property income with an innovative rental model has its advantages: the rent received is always aligned with the best valuations of the moment.

Search and management of the guests

ErasRoom directly takes care of the research and management of the tenants, taking away all the problems!

How does it work? It is simple!
Contact us and we will meet you soon

We will carry out an apartment’s survey making an assessment on feasibility and revenues and then we will propose the best commercial offer for you!

Get rid of tasks that take away precious time and serenity and entrust your property to us: we will be your reference point


"They took on all the bureaucratic issues and it has been an enormous relief for me. Besides students are welcome in the city helping to grow business. So, it is a great initiative!"


"I have a very large apartment and it is not easy to rent real estate like that. ErasRoom has been the perfect solution and we start immediately."


"Luca and I grasped quickly. I have been clear with my needs and we found an agreement. It is a simple idea, but one that works."