First of all, we are a team from Turin who care about the development and growth of our beautiful city.
We are very familiar with the real estate market, universities and institutions throughout the territory.

ErasRoom is an idea of Luca Gillio, who is a real estate professional and a former Erasmus student in architecture.

Luca Gillio - ErasRoom founder

ErasRoom team does not have a dream, but a very specific vision:

to see Turin among the top university cities at an international level, not only for the established prestige of its academics but also appreciated and chosen by foreign students for its hospitality as the other European cities.

Currently Turin is one of the first Italian city due to the presence of foreign students and one of the first for the students’ amount (over 100,000).
Turin hosts almost 40,000 non-resident students and is one of the Italian centres renowned for the prestige and quantity of international courses in English.

We are confident in “good” progress, based above all on the quality of the services provided, to help making Italian university cities, such as Turin, one of the most popular destinations to live in during university studies.
Our mission is to offer an innovative and impeccable quality service, able to guarantee a home to an increasing number of students from all over the world.

The demand for rooms and small apartments is growing and the business for the lease of students in co-living is constantly rising.

To be honest, renting a property to students has two sides of the coin: on the one hand it allows a higher income than the normal rental (> 7%); on the other one this kind of tenants requires a much more demanding management because of the turnover of the students with specific requests and needs.

Our guests come from the best international universities and choose Turin because it is considered one of the most liveable university cities from all points of view.
To date, non-resident students are the most reliable tenants ever and ErasRoom aims to select the best candidates taking into consideration that they are ambitious scholars who want to study, start a career and they are always financially supported by their families.

We know these dynamic young people because we are used to dealing with them, so we are familiar with their needs and above all their speed of movement. We also have knowledge of the real estate market for the reason that we have been working in this sector for years and we know how to identify the most suitable properties in line with this type of lease.

Do you have a property or an apartment to rent?